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Glow Powder is your unique solution to creative Glow in the Dark projects!

Illuminate your crafts with specially designed glow powders available in Sky Blue, Green, Violet, and Aqua ! Our powders are vibrant, safe and can be used for a variety of projects – The possibilities are limited only to your imagination.

Gert’s Glow House Glow Powder works wonderfully with most types of mediums to make awesome glow paints, glow wall murals and pictures, glow candles, even add it to glaze for a glow finish !

A sample of the awesome projects our customers have created:

    • Nail Polish
    • Gel Candles
    • Decoupage
    • Sculptures
    • Flower Arrangements
    • Car and Motorcycle Detailing
    • Painting
    • Sand Art
    • Furniture Finishes
    • …or just mystify your friends with an odd glowing bottle on your shelf!

Tip: Use Gert’s Glow House Powder on finishing glazes to opaque objects or directly to transparent objects.

Key Features:

    • Particle size of 30-45 Microns (um)
    • Made from rare Alkaline Earth Aluminates
    • Glow can last for 8 hours or more when fully charged
    • The chemical compound is non-toxic and non-radioactive
    • Generally add 10%-25% powder by weight to a medium, the higher the concentrate the brighter and longer the glow
    • Good mediums include top coat, paint (solvent & acrylic), ceramics, glass , gel candles, resins, plastic, etc.
    • Clear or semi transparent mediums work best
    • Be sure that the medium is not UV retardant, or the powder will not charge properly
    • Glow powder is not water soluble
    • When fully charged all glow powders will produce a bright glow for a short time, then level off to a moderate level of glow, slowly dimming over the remainder of their glow duration
    • Rechargeable for up to 15 years

Additional information

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in
Glow Powder Color

Blue, Green, Aqua, Violet

Glow Powder Quantity

30g, 75g, 500g